QGIS Feature Frenzy on OSGEONL

Richard Duivenvoorde did a (dutch) QGIS Feature Frenzy on the OSGeo.nl meeting during the GeoBuzz in Den Bosch on Tuesday 25th December 2014.

Heard some interesting QGIS use cases there: QGIS/Postgis use for BGT, QGIS GMaps/Roam for Tree-asset Management etc etc


You can download the original LibreOffice notes and slides here or only as pdf . Maybe it is usefull for somebody, feel free to re-use.

Picture from Raymond

Doing my first Feature Frenzy

Erwin Dijkhoff did live ‘sketch notes’ during the talks, see OSGeo nl Twitter

Thanks Erwin!

Sketch note from Erwin Dijkhoff

QGIS Feature Frenzy Sketch Note from Erwin Dijkhoff